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Daniel Garcia Lecture CANCELLED

Due to Hurricane Harvey



Will reschedule in 2018



A personal message from Daniel Garcia -

Hi Everyone, as you probably know my hometown of Houston, TX was recently pounded by Hurricane Harvey. It was a devastating loss to Houston, with record floods, record rainfall, and 130 mph winds that destroyed many homes and large areas of the city. Regrettably, and with much sadness, I will have to postpone my lecture tour until next year. We are all still recovering from the loss and I'm truly sorry to disappoint many of you and truly hope you will understand. Please accept these lecture notes that I normally sell at my lecture as my gift for the inconvenience and as an apology.

- Daniel Garcia

If you purchased tickets for the Daniel Garcia lecture on the website or at our Pewaukee shop, please contact the Big Guy for your copy of Daniel's lecture notes.

Purchase tickets at our website or at the shop in Pewaukee.


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