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Big's 2nd Annual Anniversary Party

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Hey, Big Guy here. Can you believe it? April is here, bringing melting snow, potholes, Bob Uecker and the Brewer's. And poof - it's time for the Second Annual Big Guy's Birthday Bash! Mark your calendar (Google or otherwise), for April 20th, 2013. The fun kicks off at 11am here at our Magic Show in Pewaukee, WI. The parking lot will transform into the largest magic festival ever held on beautiful Pewaukee Lake. Call Guinness because were going to set records. Now, even MORE Magic than last year! We've got Dan Pollack as Harry Houdini. You'll see Jon Hughett and his antique crank organ. (will there be a monkey?) Anthony Baca will be twisting so many balloons even Guinness will lose count. Professor Pinkerton will be there. Will you be there too? You'll see the magical fishing skills of Paul Kastle, Professional Magician and Nice Guy! Andy Luka will be "busting knuckles" and "flourishing cards" all while making coins travel here, there and everywhere, before your eyes! Will there be Predictions? Truthfully, we're not sure? We're not mind readers. That would take a Mentalist! Read our Press Release. Theodore The Magician will dazzle you with his showmanship and skill on our magical stage. What, no face painting? You bet we have face painting! Take a seat and Kathy Hughett will make you look like a Star! Is that all we've got? Heck NO! We've got more Food! We've got Brats, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Popcorn and even more good stuff. Bring the family and watch our magic shows while having lunch. So is that it? Nope! It's an Open Stage. Bring your own act and entertain us! Back by popular demand we'll have JoDon Farms and the petting zoo. Load the kids into the station wagon and come out for a great afternoon of fun. And is that it? Of course not. Win $$ valuable $$ gift certificates for big saving off your next purchase at our shop or online magic store. And yes, the magic shop will be open to sell you your next great act! If you miss this, we'll be sad. Please don't make us sad. We love to be Happy! Be Happy with us on Saturday April 20th from 11am to 5pm. We are working with the Pewaukee Food Pantry during this event. Big Guy is asking everyone attending to bring a canned good for a donation to the Food Pantry, to help families in the Pewaukee area. Thanks to you, we are celebrating our second year of Big Guy's Magic Shop. Through your loyalty, unwavering support, commitment to magic as an entertainment art, friendship, and dedication to making Big Guy's Magic Shop the premiere shop in the area, we want to again say "Thanks" to all of our magic family. The Small Business Administration says that 90% of all small businesses fail within the first year. We're proud to say we've now completed our second year and are growing stronger daily, thanks to your participation in our magic community. -The Big Guy





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