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The performers listed below are local Wisconsin Magicians who the Big Guy knows and trusts. However, any arrangement for performances is between you and the performer, and Big Guy's Magic Shop takes no responsibility for them or their performances. This is simply a convenience to help you find a local magician for your event.


Magician Julie Sobanski, Milwaukee WI

Julie Sobanski

Magician David Seebach, Milwaukee WI

David Seebach

Magician Paul Kastle, Milwaukee WI

Paul Kastle

Magician's Brian and John Le Boeuf, Milwaukee WI

Le Boeuf Bros.

Magician Tom Burgermeister, Milwaukee WI

Tom Burgermeister

Magician Matthew Teague, Madison WI

Matthew Teague

Magician Glen Gerard, Milwaukee WI

Glen Gerard

Magician Gypsy Geoff, Milwaukee WI

Gypsy Geoff

Magician Kirk Patrick, Milwaukee WI

Kirk Patrick

Magician John Lewit, Milwaukee WI

John Lewit

Magician Bill Blagg, Milwaukee WI

Bill Blagg

Magician Don Vort

Don Vort

Magician Magic Morgan and Liliana, Milwaukee WI

Magic Morgan

Magician Nicholas Vollmann, Milwaukee WI

Nicholas Vollmann

Magician Raime Townsend, Milwaukee WI

Raime Townsend

Magician John Measner, Chicago, IL

John Measner

Magician Andy Luka, Milwaukee WI

Andy Luka

Magician Rick Wilcox, Wisconsin Dells WI

Rick Wilcox

Magician Tristan Crist, Baraboo WI

Tristan Crist